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Trauma Lawyers

  • Settlement:  I will work to make sure that you can recover all of your damages in the                         least amount time and at little cost to you.  If I agree to help you, I will not charge                                any attorney fees unless you are able to recover.  If I do charge fees, my fees will                              be based on a percentage of the recovery.  You will know what my fees are before                              you agree to settle your case.  In settlement I will review the documents to make sure                        that you are protected and that your desires have been met and represented before you sign.
  • Property Damage:  I will help you get the value of your vehicle.
  • Rental Car:  I can work to get you a rental while your car is being fixed or replaced.
  • Evidence:  I will help obtain and preserve the evidence--including photographs and                   witness statements--you will need to properly present your claim.
  • Communication:  
    • I will communicate with the insurance companies so you don't have to and so that you do not do or say something that would be detrimental to your case.
    • I will communicate with you.  I will keep you updated and I will give you competent legal advice.
  • Documentation:  I will work to confirm that your injuries are sufficiently documented to support your claim for both physical and mental damages.   I work to make sure we have both documented objective and subjective evidence of the injury.    
  • Presentation of claim:  I will bring all of the evidence together to present a complete, cogent, and comprehensive claim in an effort to help you recover those damages you sustained.  
  • Negotiate:  I will use my 25 years of work as a personal injury attorney, my experience as an arbitrator, my social work education and experiences, and the skills I obtained as part of my alternative dispute resolution certification to present and strong case which will likely result in your ability to settle your case rather than having to take it all the way to trial.  
  • Litigator:  Should the insurance company not make a reasonable offer, with your authority I will file a lawsuit for you and help you negotiate the legal process to resolution.  In so doing, I will work aggressively to ensure that the insurance company attorneys do not pry in to irrelevant information.  
  • Liens:  As part of the settlement process, I will work to make sure that provider's liens are dealt, and where possible, reduced to a reasonable amount so that you can optimize your recovery.