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Trauma Lawyers

My wife and I were in an accident just after our wedding. Our car flipped end over end off an embankment at high speeds. That was a very hard time for us. We both ended up hospitalized far from home. Though we were injured, we felt secure believing that our insurance company would work to take care of our needs. While our insurance company had advertised that we would be in "Good Hands," our hopes led to disappointment after disappointment as our insurance company's handling of our claim showed us they only cared about receiving our premiums. We learned that the friendly agent who sold us the policy was just that . . . a sales person. When we presented our claim, a trained and skilled claims adjuster went to work trying to make us feel like we were being taken care of while actually providing us with insufficient benefits. 

That was over 25 years ago. I was not yet an attorney and did not seek legal assistance. That was a huge mistake. Since then our family has grown but my wife has endured back pain resulting from that accident all of these years.   Furthermore, my wife was driving at the time of our collision.  In addition to the initial physical pain, I experienced some emotional trauma which continues to manifest itself even today.  Because of that trauma I note that it is particularly hard for me to be a passenger in a car driven by others.  My wife and children can attest as to the frustration this creates for our family.  

Following that experience I became an attorney working to help those who suffer injuries and trauma.   After nearly 20 years working in that capacity I went back to school and obtained my Masters of Social Work.  I then worked with individuals as a CSW and LCSW working with individuals suffering from trauma in therapy, home health, and hospice settings.

I often wish that I would have done it right and received competent legal help to assist us in working through the frustrations of dealing with an insurance company who trained their adjusters to make us feel grateful to them for providing amazingly insufficient help in our time of real need.   I also wish that I would have have the insight to recognize that physical and mental symptoms may extend beyond my then foreseeable future.  

I offer my experiences and education to you in an effort to help you recover for the physical and mental trauma you face because of your accident or situation as you now work to recover through the insurance claim process.  If I take your case I am determined to represent you in an honest and fervent manner.  Feel free to contact me.